A recognized Internet marketing master delivers the sober word you don’t want to hear: The way you’re ‘marketing’ online your failure is assured. Take the challenge and see for yourself.

cool hand luke
Author’s program note. One of the great films is “Cool Hand Luke” (1967) that features this line etched in acid, “What we have here is failure to communicate”.  This line is delivered just after the prison authority has slashed “Luke” with a whip, causing him to roll over and over down a long, dusty hill, each rotation more painful than the last. The warden then says what seems an extraordinary statement: that Luke had been beaten because he wanted it that way… Huh?
But pretty soon you understand the authority figure is right. Luke is determined to do things his way, when that way is a certain disaster… he won’t learn, won’t examine his position, and will never admit to error. The only thing that will enlighten him and change certain failure to incipient progress is getting beaten and beaten again; then he might see the benefit, the essential value of instruction, training and constant adjustment and beneficial change.
Luke’s pointless “system” delivers nothing but misery. Communication delivers the desired results that you’re too stubborn to master. So what if what you’re doing doesn’t work. “It’s a poor thing but mine own” and therefore good enough.
Thus, for the music to accompany this article, I give you the theme song to “Cool Hand Luke” because you bear more than a passing resemblance to a character and a situation that will keep failing you and which you do not wish to change — whatever you say. Find the music by Lalo Schifrin in any search engine, and remember: it’s YOUR theme, obstinacy and willful adherence to present, total, predictable failure being celebrated.
Why you must master marketing to succeed online.
Right now chances are whatever online enterprise you are pursuing is not only failing to make you a living wage… it is failing to make you anything at all. Don’t be coy about this; YOU are a complete, total, abject, and ridiculous marketing catastrophe. So, what have you been doing to solve this problem and generate increasing bucks? What have you been doing? I’ll tell you what you’ve been doing; the same things that delivered failure while expecting success, if you do them long enough This is the textbook definition of madness… and that makes YOU certifiably crazy.
“Your Money Is In Their Pocket!”
Right now people around the world are walking around with your money in their pockets. Moreover, due to the pathetic way you “market”, one thing is clear: you will never get that money. It will stay in your customer’s pocket… he will in due course spend it elsewhere, thereby depriving himself of whatever benefit you could deliver and 100% of the profits you would have derived. What’s worse, you seem neither to know nor to care that this travesty of marketing that keeps you broke and unsuccessful is going on. You’re the poor little lamb who has gone astray… and you must be perfectly happy with that result… since you learn nothing new; try nothing new; and master nothing new. Amazing!
Magic words that deliver one hot prospect after another; the rocket ship that delivers them.
To succeed online you need, first of all, prospect lists because in my well-known phrase “The list is the business… and the business is the list.” To make money you must have lists; to make lots of money, you must have bigger lists. Developing this list is a project for each and every day you want to move money from “their” pockets… to yours. The first critical question: what did you do each day this week to grow your pivotal lists? Don’t be vague; be rigorously detailed and specific. The sad fact is, you’ve probably done nothing on this matter whatsoever. And so you will continue to fail. That’s 100 percent certain.
You must give your prospects a reason to pick up the phone and call you. Do you? Consider this. Over the years I have turned myself from an impecunious graduate student (albeit at Harvard) into an online multi-millionaire. How did it happen? By creating powerful, punchy, profit-making ads like this one, my current favorite and likely to remain so since it is a certifiable money maker:
Call me now for your FREE Internet marketing consultation. $100 value. Let an expert show you RIGHT NOW how to profit online every single day without leaving home. Call me — Dr. Jeffrey Lant — now,  (617) 547-6372. LIVE 24/7/365. Your success guaranteed. I’m waiting for your call RIGHT NOW!
This verbiage MUST be on EVERYTHING that will be seen, received, read and presented to every single person you wish to respond. Each time you send out ANYTHING, be that business card, email message, brochure, space ad, landing page, etc. without these precise words is a marketing opportunity and ALL its potential profits lost and gone forever “dreadful sorrow, Clementine.”
Ebooks as rocket ships.
Now you know the magic words to use that ensure 100 percent guaranteed results. How do you get them into the hands of prospects who, being motivated by them, will pick up the telephone to make instant contact with –you? There are many ways, but here’s one that takes just about 5-7 minutes per day. It’s ebook marketing… and it’s so clever because you don’t write your ebooks (though you may if you like). I DO!
Just over two years ago…
In the fall of 2010, I had an epochal “AHA!” moment. Keep in mind that at that time, the Great Recession was dragging down the Great Republic, the European Union, and the world. I wanted to seize this crucial moment when all the best things on Earth were for sale at deeply discounted prices; I wanted to seize this moment, I say, to fatten my stock portfolio and fast-growing collection of eye-popping Old Master pictures and the best 18th century furniture. In short, I needed lots of cash… and a mechanism to deliver it to me and the eager-beavers who saw this turbulent, even frightening time as the right time for massive asset acquisition. Enter the ebook… the ebook you don’t write but can profit from every single day!
Well over 1,000,000 formatted words, with images and musical cues, marching smartly to 1000 articles.
Here’s the good word, bird. Since September, 2010  I have written approaching one thousand articles; each about 1500 words. You can see them at jeffreylantarticles.com These articles, carefully researched, carefully written cover over 35 different subject areas. At least 20 new articles are added every single month. Using them is a breeze…
Go to the article repository. Select any 2 or 3. Add the magic marketing words above. Click, send… and await certain response… by people picking up the phone to call you… whenever they’re ready to call you.
Is this difficult in any way? No, it’s child’s play.
Is it time-consuming? Certainly not. 7 minutes for newbies. Under 5 for experienced marketers.
Does it produce prospect leads? Yes, EVERY time you use it, which should be 7 days a week.
And now The Million-Dollar Question. WILL YOU DO IT?
Return to “Cool Hand Luke,” obstinate, stubborn, beaten, unsuccessful… just plain stupid.
Now let’s be brutally frank with each other. I remind you that this is proven, that it’s simple, that it takes but a few paltry minutes a day, that it will cause your phone to ring off the hook (especially if you put it on the top of each document for maximum impact), that it will ensure profits, profits which will grow as you grow your lists.
But you, admit it, are “cool hand Luke”, lazy, excuse making, smart aleck, a permanent sneer on your lips, the know-it-all who knows nothing. You’ll follow this advice for a day; maybe, two. You’ll start seeing results. Then your residual bad habits will kick in, including your acute disinclination to take phone calls from real people. After all, when push comes to shove you are most surely of the “I love humanity; it’s people I can’t stand” School of Marketing. And you’re a slothful bugger, too.
You’ll deny all this of course, just as Paul denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed. But the truth will be most apparent in your derisory bank account, assets, and future. Partner, I hope that sneer on your face and your reeking arrogance are enough for you, ’cause, baby, that’s what you’re gonna get. Capisce? 
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