Don’t get RIPPED Off.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Read this to ensure you are getting the BEST Advertising Results and not wasting precious time and your hard earned dollars.

It happened again today. A new Member paid a LOT of money for “signups”. Guess what he got? 500 leads that NEVER logged in. ALL of the leads came from the same computer IP address. ALL the leads came from the same city. He had unknowingly bought leads that were ALL generated by a computerized robot. These were not real leads or real people.. The leads were ALL useless and he wasted his money. Needless to say he was mad, and out of a fair bit of money.

Some of you, are using various advertising sources that do NOT produce good quality leads. We want to make sure you understand that all advertising is NOT equal. Read this important information below to save yourself wasted dollars on advertising, save time and avoid boiling frustration.

Here is a basic summary of what you need to know about online advertising.

1) Be aware of the difference between VIEWS and HITS. Hits usually refer to someone, a person actually CLICKING on your ad. Some sites promise to deliver hits, when really they are providing only views of your ad. This means no one actually clicks on the ad, your ad just appears somewhere lost on a page.
2) Some sites use a computer-generated script that has a computer CLICK on ads meaning you think you are getting hits, but no human has actually seen your ad.
3) Some sites pay people from poor countries a very small amount of money to complete website forms. These people have NO interest in purchasing anything and are usually not good leads.
4) Some sites will sell you “Sign ups” but they are actually random names generated by a computer. How do we know this? The IP addresses are all from the same computer in the same city. Meaning people did not “sign up” a computer generated the sign ups. If you check your Ad Tracker and you see the same IP Address over and over again that is a RED FLAG.
5) Some sites deliver leads to you but the leads are names of people from countries that do not have the ability to make secure verified purchases so they can never buy anything.

We hear from people that tell us they are promoting all day every day but no results! We look at their Ad Tracker stats and guess what? They are NOT advertising in reputable places. They are NOT advertising at the places we recommend and list in the Member area. They are not getting any clicks on their Ads. Your free Ad Tracker tool that we provide is your INTELLIGENCE for evaluating your marketing efforts.

Below are our suggestions so you get the BEST VALUE from your Advertising and Promotion Efforts.

1. The Safelists and Exchanges listed in your Member area under Advertising/Traffic are ones that we recommend for both paid advertising or credit-based free advertising. The list we provide is a GOOD place for paid ads.

2. When you get notification of an Associate sign up pay close attention to the COUNTRY that the lead is generated. In very general terms, the best leads are from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Countries where online merchants like PayPal will accept payments.

3. If you get a an Associate sign up that has bogus letters entered or a fictional name, then just disregard the lead. It is a person or a computer-generated sign up and wasting your time.

4. Use your Ad Tracker tool that we provide FREE for your use in your member area. If you purchase advertising somewhere and you get ZERO hits tracked on your Ad Tracker then you KNOW that advertising source is NOT a good one.

5. If YOU choose NOT to use the ads we provide and you choose NOT to advertise at places Worldprofit recommends, please do NOT contact our Support Team and ask why your advertising is not working.

6. Follow the steps of the online Bootcamp Training, and attend the Live Weekly Training Sessions with George Kosch.

7. Have a look at and do a solo ad. George discusses this site and many other SAFE OPTIONS in the bootcamp training

8. You can find a list of places we recommend for paid ads in your Member area, under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select GREAT AD SOURCES.

The bottom line is this. One of the fastest way to DOOM your online business, is buying paid ads in places that don’t produce good quality leads. You may think, “I am advertising and promoting but not getting results!” But know this: If your ad is not being seen by real people at a reputable advertising source you will be out of money and make NOTHING! Be wary and wise when purchasing online advertising. Save yourself from wasting your money and the frustration.

George Kosch recorded a video about RIPOFF TRAFFIC, you can view it in the member area from the Top Menu select TRAINING then view the video titled:

Millionaire Bootcamp 1c Basic Training
Recorded Friday Feb 11th 2011 by George Kosch, Instructor

FINAL WORDS: We offer you training each and every week to help you avoid problems like this. PLEASE come to the training or watch the recorded versions. Listen. Learn and apply what we teach you. We ONLY Tell you to do what we KNOW works because we are DOING IT.