Home Business Bootcamp Update 2 for September 18, 2012

You get 50 associates if you graduate by October 15th. Call Dr. Lant to get started. 617 547 6372

The best marketing training on Earth — and, astonishingly, it’s free.
The Worldprofit Junior Monitor program.. . now available to you.
A very special letter from Worldprofit’s three Co-Founders, Chief Technical
Officer George Kosch; President and Director of Website Development Sandi
Hunter, and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Friend, you are about to receive an invitation to join the most exciting
marketing program on this planet, a unique program you have never
seen before for the simple reason that it is available only from Worldprofit
at worldprofit.com.

We are talking about the Worldprofit Monitor Program.

You have already been the beneficiary of this program, for you’ve seen the
Monitors at work in the Live Business Center and no doubt received their
attention and assistance at the time you acquired your Silver Package and
became a Member.  (If you do not have a Silver Package yet, log in at
worldprofit.com and ask the Monitor on duty to assist you.)

You may have wondered about who these Monitors are… and how they came
to be present in the video boxes you see on screen.  Not merely present, but
(at any hour of the day or night) friendly, pleasant, helpful, anxious to assist
you and resoundingly able to do so.

At that moment you may have wondered how YOU could join the ranks of
these good people… and so we’re here to let you know.

A bit of history.

In 2006, master inventor George Kosch did what he does so well and with
such astonishing celerity… he created the device we now call the Live Business
Center, a place where entrepreneurs (particularly of the home-based variety)
could gather to receive all the help they needed to profit online.

Once the software was created, it was time to staff it with people we call
Monitors, that is people who are Members of the Worldprofit Community and
who generously give of their time, expertise, and, yes, kindness to assist you
profit online… something you, like most people on the ‘net, have been trying
to do but without knowing how or with any success whatsoever.

Meet the first Monitor and Director of the Monitor Program, Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Known to millions worldwide because of his 18 business books, thousands of
practical articles and daily appearances online and off, Harvard-educated Dr.
Lant was the obvious choice to head the brand-new Monitor Program in 2006.
A trained educator who used to teach at Harvard (from which he holds two degrees),
he was at once a magnetic instructor with an often electrifying delivery… and an
experienced marketer who knows what it takes to get the business results you

And so in December, 2006, Dr. Lant presented himself in the Live Business
Center as Worldprofit’s first — and only — Monitor, starting the process that has
produced a full complement of the best and most generous marketers on Earth…
and is now ready to welcome… YOU.

Unbeatable benefits.

The benefits of serving the Worldprofit Community as a Monitor are many and
varied, tangible and intangible… but always substantial.

First, learning from the best how to become a qualified Internet marketer.
Are you at the point in your online career when you understand that you cannot
master the Internet alone and do not have the necessary marketing skills and
expertise to succeed? If so, you’re ready for the best and most thorough marketing
training anywhere.

Our program is based on the Master-Apprentice model, whereby you are literally
taken in hand and learn precisely what to do to make sale after sale. What’s so
tremendous about our program of proven success is that it’s 100% reality
based. It’s the kind of training business schools should have to teach real-world
marketing and salesmanship… but never do. That’s why we say that our renowned
and always practical training is superior to the instruction you find in traditional
business classes.

Now hear this: even if you have never had any sales and marketing experience
or success, that doesn’t matter… you start from the beginning and learn accordingly;
this, therefore, is marketing and sales training you can use at once… and use forever.

This unexampled training is given by Dr. Lant and by the Senior Monitors 24/7/365.
If a Senior Monitor is serving alone and has an available video box, you may ask to
come up for training at ANY hour of the day. When you do Senior Monitors will give
you the benefit of their considerable, seasoned experience and erudition.

Immediate Benefits.

In short order, you’ll be ready to take the helm as a Senior Monitor yourself, a
proud member of our unique team. As such you will be the “captain” of the ship
during your scheduled service, as little as two hours per week; more if you like.

During the time you are Senior Monitor all associates who enter without sponsors
are automatically assigned to your account; this can number 5, 10 or more associates
assigned to you per shift. In addition you receive thousands of valuable safe list
profit credits for sales made during your shift. These benefits are deposited at once in
your account and may be used to promote whatever you like. Tremendous!

Service to the Worldprofit Community.

In addition to the very tangible benefits you gather in each shift, you also benefit
from the joy and honor of helping people worldwide get the assistance they
require for online success, success they have long desired but have never had
before. You will feel proud of this work, a service unique to our great Community and
its Monitors, for you are truly making the world a better place and improving lives with
every contact.

To get started.

You can and should get started at once with your Monitor training. To do so,
mailto:drjlant@worldprofit.com with your name and phone number. Or call Dr.
Lant direct at 617 547 6372. You can also page Dr. Lant in the Live Business

You will need a webcam and headset, which you can easily purchase at Wal-Mart,
Target, Radio Shack, etc for about $20.

Don’t wait a single minute to start your training and so become an experienced
marketer, with the awesome benefits that come to such Masters.
Act now. Space in the Monitor Program is always limited… after reading this you
understand why. That’s why you must contact Dr. Lant now and begin the best
marketing and sales training on Earth, becoming a valued Member of our superb
Monitor Team.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. at
www.worldprofit.com, providing a wide range of online services for
small and-home based businesses.

To see Dr. Lant’s blog go to www.jeffreylantarticles.com

Dr. Lant is happy to give all readers 50,000 free guaranteed
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