September is already off to a great start for these hard-working individuals on our TOP Sellers List!

These eager beavers understand that summer is over and business has returned to normal.

It’s early in the month and we already have 10 people on the Top Sellers list!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Top Sellers so far in September

1st Linda Elze (USA)
2nd Elizabeth Evans (GO Canada)
3rd Glen Brink (USA)

4th Carl Mortimer (USA)
5th Ivar Webjornsen (NORWAY)
6th Joseph Freyaldenhoven (USA)
7th: Joy Forrest (GO CANADA)
8th: Kjell Arne Eriksen (NORWAY)
9th Larry Ellner  (USA)
10th  Randy Ottmann (GO CANADA)

Well done!

What do each of these people have in common?

They are promoting!
They are recruiting Associates!
They are applying the training consistently.
They are working hard to build their online business.
They (like all our Members) are getting the benefit of our 24 Hour Monitor Network!

Way to go people!

If you have not made a sale this month – or want to make MORE – help is here!

Attend the LIVE training on Fridays at 10 AM CT with George Kosch and let’s get you on track.
If you can’t attend, that’s fine but be sure to watch the recorded version that will be posted later that day.

Access to the LIVE training is in your Member area on the left menu under HOME BUSINESS TRAINING then select LIVE TRAINING. Enter the program as a GUEST and put in your name – do NOT use your Dealer ID.

** ATTENTION NEWBIES! If you are BRAND new to Worldprofit make sure you have watched the BEGINNER’S VIDEO. Don’t do anything else until you have watched that and understand the basics.
To find this CRITICAL video, login to your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING. On that page at the very top you will see BOOTCAMP MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS!

Remember: You must promote consistently. Be the master of your own financial destiny. You want to make money from home, then do the work. We are here to help you and you’ve got the resources. Get busy.