Awesome testimonial just in from Callen Gilbert. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

I have only been involved with online marketing for a few weeks.

Three years ago I was judged to be medically disabled and had to retire with a bit less than half the salary I had been getting. As you can imagine, we began to fall behind and our savings were ate up faster than a person can believe. As things began to get desparate, I began looking for something online to help pay the bills and buy the groceries. There were literally thousands of "opportunities" online and I had no way of knowing for sure which ones were honest, which were just after my money, or whatever. I read a lot and looked carefully at the adds. I found that a lot of what they were saying could be put together with photo shop and a good voice. After a couple of weeks of looking literally night and day, I began to really get a bad feeling each time I found another ad.

Then something happened, something really strange for me. It was about three in the morning and I was getting sleepy. That is a bad time for the ads because the "BS" they put out would catch my attention very quickly. I found myself listening to some guy talking in a small video in the center of the screen. As I listened, I thought for the first time that I might actually invest a part of the money I had available to see more of this group. So I continued to listen and then hit the button. Not surprising but as soon as I did I was offered a better opportunity. But this time it seemed different. It wasn’t as if this voice wanted me to invest more of my money for a reason up in the clouds somewhere. To me the voice wanted to actually help me make money. It was offering me not more eBooks, or more contacts or more of the things I had been offered by so many voices lately. I was being offered the opportunity to invest more of my money on myself.

If I moved up to Silver I could make more money and I could keep more of what I did make. What was strange though was that I felt comfortable listening to the offer. I believed this person was telling me the truth and that by investing more of my money and moving up to Silver I wasn’t doing it for his benefit but for my own. I felt he was inviting me to be a not a part of his group so much as inviting me to be a part of his family. I know it seems strange but that is what I felt. And now. I have been a part of the Worldprofit family for a couple of weeks and I feel even more a part of the family.

George Kosch is my guide but he reminds me so much of a father figure even though I am a lot of years older than he is. But he is soft spoken when teaching and you can just feel him scolding us like children when we do something like not take advantage of 20k of free credit being offered to us for free. At the same time you can tell that he is still just teaching us to take advantage of the things that can help us and he doesn’t want any one of us to miss out. Everyone I have talked with or listened to in videos remind me of a family now. Everyone wants to help. Not just the support group but the people who take time from their own business to do a class or to make a video.

I really believe that I have found a home online and that as I gain experience I will also gain income. This feeling of being a part of something takes away the worry of watching the calendar to see when the money back guarantee ends. It is just something I don’t worry about now. George tells me that I just need to follow the steps of those who have gone before me and made money so that is what I do even if I am slower than them. Thank you Worldprofit for letting me be a part of this great family. I think that one day soon I am going to be watching the money flowing into my bank account and I will sit in wonder at this group of strangers who took me in, made me a part of the family, and taught me the things I needed to know in order to make a living online.

Callen Gilbert