Commissions FINALIZED and ready to go!

1. Commissions ready to go! 
We have just finished finalizing all the Commissions for the month of October and tomorrow (the 15th) they will be sent out to all eligible Dealers.  We had a number of brand new Members making sales – way to go! Plus, we had a lot of Members getting new Sales Volume bonuses – these earned bonuses get added to your commission total. A nice little treat. Yes, if you didn’t know, we pay out bonuses of up to $1,000 for new Sales Volume.  


George Kosch has just  added a new product to the MONEY MAKERS PROMO KIT. It’s called “Backpage Ad Posting Software“.  If you haven’t seen this yet, in your Member area on the left menu select MONEY MAKERS then select MONEY MAKERS PROMO KIT.  There you will find this product and 39 others. The newest products are listed at the top. We hand select these products and include promotional information for you too.


3.   November Sales are off to a good start! We’ve got some bright stars in our community!
It’s early in the month but look at who is already on our Top 10 Sellers list!

1st: Robert and Linda Elze  
2nd. Henry Mahlknecht
3rd: Wallace Johnson
4th: Steven Lanier
5th: Tsahai De Silva
6th: Darren Schiele
7th: Elizabeth English
8th: Josephy Freyaldenhoven
9th. Lisa Martiniuk
10th Arnljot Bindheim  

Keep up the promotion folks! You are proving you are not afraid of hard work, that you understand promotion is the key, and that you have the determination to build your own successful online business.  Now before you get a big head, accept the compliment then get back to promoting. Smile.