Fantastic Dealer Testimonial from Michael Harris

Mike Harris, here and I just had to send out this shout out to Mr. George Kosch and his training program here at Worldprofit. I’ve been a member here almost 9 months now and I am excited about the improvements I see in myself as a marketer and a person. Quite simply, George, Sandi, and Dr. Lant have developed one of the best home based business training platforms that there is.

Recently I decided to do something that I was unsure I could do at first, but when I looked at all the training George had brought me through I decided to give it a shot.
Now I know all of us have heard about JV launches and their ability to get you exposure and help you make money at the same time.
But often times there are so many top marketers involved in the launch that marketers with less experience don’t even stand a chance. That is until now, thanks George, LOL.

Two weeks ago I joined the massive giveaway launch where over 2600 JVs took part.

Fearfully I joined on the second day and began to do what George Kosch tells us to do in all his training videos. Promote, promote, promote.

George also shares how to improve on ad copies and top places to promote any products.

On day two of my venture I added my three giveaways and my three products to sale and I began to promote.

Within eight hours I had signed up six new associates and within 24 hours I had made my first commission from a one-time offer.

This amazed me so much I told myself it had to be beginners luck yet I knew I had to continue to do what George said, that is promote, promote, promote.

Amazingly I went promote crazy and promoted like never before using all the training and techniques I had learned here at Worldprofit from George’s training and Dr. Lant’s monitor training.

Day seven of the giveaway the stats came out and I was in slot 93 which wasn’t bad for a first timer like me.

But, I wasn’t satisfied because George Kosch and our fearless leader Dr. Lant constantly tell us we can reach above and beyond any goals in our marketing.
The last day of the giveaway I did as they said I could do and more sales came in and my position in the JV launch went higher.

At the close of the launch there were 2626 JVs promoting and I ended up being the number 53 best remoter out of the 2600.

Now I wish I could take more credit for this accomplishment but I know I would be totally wrong to do so and would only be fooling myself.

So I have to give thanks to who thanks his owed. Without the hands-on training and easy guidance from George Kosch and Dr. Lant this could not have been done.
Please don’t get me wrong, I believe I could have entered this launch anyway but I am sure I would have ended up last without the training that I received here at Worldprofit.

This is why I was so compelled to send this testimony because once again the fact has been proven that if you follow the footprints that have been laid before us you can be successful.

Mr. Kosch and Dr. Lant I humbly and gratefully appreciate all the time, effort, and dedication that you have personally shared with me to help make me a better marketer and truly a successful person.

To all of you out there who are still doubters, to those of you who have not taken the opportunity, to those of you who truly desire a way to successfully make money online and from home, you’re at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

It is up to you to take action.

Respectfully submitted
Michael Harris, Danville Va.