Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 21 June 2024

Recap: JUNE 21 LIVE Affiliate Marketing bootcamp training

Short session today, just the basics to get you going and growing..
Friday mornings George Kosch provides Members specialized training to answer questions, provide demonstrations and updates on what’s happening at Worldprofit to help you GROW your Affiliate marketing business.

Here are today’s topics

  • George reveals the #1 Reason people making money in Worldprofit’s program.
  • How Worldprofit’s system is humming along working for you in the background so you can focus on CONSISTENT PROMOTION.
  • Why all the fuss about starting and DOING Lesson 3? One word: BONUSES!
  • QUESTION: "I have hundreds of Associates why aren’t they buying?" George reveals the SECRET to SALES.
  • 3 Steps. Easy, follow instructions. Those who don’t follow the steps, fail. Simple.
  • Why do landing pages, optin pages and squeeze pages work for marketing
  • To get RESULTS, what types of ads should you run for any business on any website. IMPORTANT!
  • Adding your affiliate programs to Worldprofit is EASY… here’s how
  • Promotion: What, how, where. Best resources in your Member area.
  • QUESTION: "You say I have 1000 Visits yet my Tracker shows 300.. Why is that" ?
    DEMONSTRATION: Using your Ad Tracker and understanding the data to make smart marketing decisions
  • List building. Leads. Traffic, Sales. What you need to know and do, it’s all in your Member area.
  • AI: powerful but use with caution, here’s WHY. How overuse may effect your business in a negative way.
  • Need help to get on track? Put in a support ticket, we are here to HELP you.
  • Looking for trusted PREIMUM Advertising for your Affiliate Links, see options here.

Can’t make it to the LIVE training? No worries!
Send your questions in prior, George will answer or demo as you need then watch the recording later.

Need help AFTER the training, simply submit a Support Ticket to get help 7 days a week.

Who is George Kosch?
He’s your Bootcamp Instructor, an affiliate marketing pioneer and industry expert for over 30 years, there is no one better to get no hype help from then George Kosch.