Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 24 May 2019

World Profit’s Bootcamp Training Instructor kicked off the training for Friday May 24, 2019. We had a great turnout today – lots of people eager to grow their own online business and learn how to use the resources offered at World Profit.

Your Bootcamp Instructor: George Kosch, CEO, Co-Founder of World Profit Inc.

World Profit’s weekly training is LIVE and interactive, ask questions anytime. If you need a demonstration of any of the training topics just ask George Kosch. This training is 100% about you – your success – getting you on the right track to make the best use of your membership resources to build your business. Listen, learn and LOVE that you can take charge and get on the right path to being your own boss – a professional business owner – a World Profit E-Business Consultant (CEC).

Training Topics and Demonstration

How Worldprofit’s System works.

Getting started on the online bootcamp training lessons – progress to Lesson 3 to enjoy the AWESOME included bonuses!

Ad Tracker – why this tool is essential to your online business – that’s why it’s INCLUDED in your Membership

Cool Tools section – you will love these recommended tools as much as we do!

Link Manager – organization makes promotion easier and faster and you KNOW how important promotion is. This included tool makes promotion a breeze.

Ad Examples – what you need to use for promotion. Be sure to promote the landing pages – free offers get leads.
Avoid trying to sell an actual product to Safelists, George explains why and how to get a BETTER response.

World Profit’s unlimited use Autoresponder – why it’s the ONLY Autoresponder you need.
Why pay elsewhere for what you can get at World Profit
World Profit’s autoresponder is configured to work with ALL our services, skip the learning curve, save money, get started growing your own email marketing list (and your sales) today.

Worldprofit’s Email Commander – what it is and how to use this included tool to get MORE email delivered into your prospect’s inbox.

Demonstration: How Worldprofit’s Marketing system is integrated with our Autoresponder System, Your Prospect Manager, Email Commander, the Landing Pages, your website and other Worldprofit resources for simple promotion.

Going to be away on holiday? Short on time for promotion?
Here’s some Set and Forget Advertising Options, use to promote any and all your Affiliate programs

-FastTrack Advertising Co-op (George Kosch buys the ads, those in the co-op get the Associates emailed to you the minute they sign up)

-Affiliate Link Blaster (1 YEAR of advertising for 1 URL, change as often as you like. Blasted out as TOP Sponsor to our high traffic Safelists

-Diamond URL Rotator ( 5 URLS in our Rotator on 5,500 sites, Changes ads as often as you want)

-Ruby Solo Ads ( Pick the # of Solos that best fits your budget)

-Sapphire Solos ( Budget packages for everyone)

Details on each of the above advertising, and more are in your Member area on the TOP MENU.

World Profit’s Landing Page Builder – easy to use to create unlimited eye-popping squeeze pages for any or all your affiliate programs

World Profit’s ClickBank Super Store and Sales Manager – OPTIONAL
For those Members who want to promote CLICKBANK products for another source of income, we set up, install and update your Store pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 products. Fully customizable by you, change images, colours. Promote the store or individual products
Details in your World Profit Member area: LEFT MENU select CLICKBANK STORE. Built and supported by World Profit Support Team

World Profit’s free Image Storage Library
Free unlimited storage for World Profit Silver and Platinum VIP Members, store your images, PDFs, Ebook files, and more in our advertising-free storage library. No more worry that your images stored at one of those "free sites" will suddenly change their access / users policy or simply POOF – disappear with your images. If you PAY to store your images somewhere you don’t need to do that anymore, store them at World Profit at no cost.

World Profit’s Personalized Email: How to get your own personalized email addresses to go with your Worldprofit hosted website.

Featured Offers

Convert your MONTHLY Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to a ONE YEAR Silver Membership and save as much as 60% over the standard monthly rate. PLUS – snatch up this offer and get the Mega Traffic Package at NO extra cost.
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Upgrade your Silver membership to Platinum VIP Membership and….
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  • Start the Bootcamp Training – Progress to LESSON 3 in the online training to find out how to get your TRAFFIC BONUSES and importantly Lesson 3 is the key to earning in our program, in your other programs and for GROWING your online income now and for years to come. Watch it once, watch it again, and consistently DO what you learn to start getting leads and sales conversions.
  • Join World Profit Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldprofit
  • Join World Profit’s social site https://community.worldprofit.com – create your own profile, add a picture, create a niche group, add your affiliate links, post your blog, share video links. Great place to get free promotion for your business interests and network with others in the affiliate marketing world, get back links to your site and more. This is a valuable and under-utlized free service.

Here’s the link to watch the May 24, 2019 RECORDING from World Profit’s Bootcamp Training.


World Profit’s next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday May 31, 2019.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret’d) CEO & CoFounder Worldprofit.com