Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 3 Mar 2017

Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch March 3, 2017.

George Kosch packed a TON of solid, good-for-you information into this training session!

What’s New / Updates / Discussion

Money is made by making offers. Leads respond to offers. It’s the GIVE AWAY that gets people to take action.
You, me and everyone on the planet likes to get something for free.
To generate leads and get sales use the landing pages we provide, or use the included Landing Page Builder to create your own custom landing pages for your own programs. The landing pages have OFFERS and OPTINS, both are critical for getting leads. The more leads you get, the more sales you get!

Worldprofit’s Ebook Rebrander – DEMONSTRATION
The Ebook Rebrander is just ONE tool members can use to offer a GIVE AWAY – in this case Ebooks.
All Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members get the Ebook Rebrander software.
We’ve just updated this section of the member area with new software and new ebooks that you can give away on your landing pages.
Access Worldprofit’s Ebook Rebrander in your Member area, LEFT MENU select EBook/Article Marketing then click on EBOOK Rebrander.

New Landing Pages. DEMONSTRATION.
George demonstrated the new Landing pages available now to Members. (no cost)

Mobile Site Builder
Software that allows you to convert your site into a mobile site. This is an OPTIONAL service.

Featured Services

How to Get Paid. Members are able to specify which method in which to receive commissions.
Access on LEFT MENU under SALES and Commission then select Commission Report, then click on HOW WE PAY YOU.

Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Training Lessons.
How to move forward and backward in the lessons. How to find specific topics, products, or services.

Website Management System. DEMONSTRATION
Included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership is a Website Management System.
You can use this system to change your home page to something else, or edit your home page, or create new pages, add links, add images, change your header. But don’t waste time fussing with your website, it’s more important to PROMOTE the landing pages.

Worldprofit’s Reminder System. DEMONSTRATION
Included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership is a Reminder System.
Organize on a calendar important dates/events daily, weekly monthly as a single reminder or a repeating reminder.
Create a To Do list and have it email to yourself.
Access on RIGHT MENU, ADVANCED LINKS. Select Reminder System

Appreciation goes out to…..

Our Worldprofit Monitor Team. When one of our Monitors closes a sale for you, you will get an email of the sale and the name of the Monitor.
Send that person a THANK YOU note! The Monitors volunteer their time to close sales for ALL members of our community.
Interested in joining our Monitor Team? We would love to have you. All training is provided, submit a Support Ticket and we will send you details.

A special thank you to LINDA ELZE, BRIAN ARMSTRONG and WALLACE JOHNSON for being our Monitor Supervisors.

Your Homework Assignment from George

1. If you haven’t started the online bootcamp lessons yet, start NOW. Pay close attention to LESSON 3!

2 If you’ve started the bootcamp and got to Lesson 3, now focus on learning the basics of PROMOTION.
Once you learn how to promote for the rest of your life you will know HOW to do it and you can use the skill to build any online business, affiliate program or MLM. This is a LIFE SKILL for your online business. Learn to promote and you can make sales today, tomorrow and for years to come as your business GROWS, and GROWS!

The beauty and power of Worldprofit’s system is that WE handle order processing, set up, software installation, domain and hosting set up and all customer service and technical support. Your #1 job is to follow the training and PROMOTE consistently. When you generate Associate signups our system takes over. We send their login details to them so they can access their Member area, our Monitors make them a Special offer to upgrade. When Associates login they can upgrade to Silver membership, or they can purchase any of our other services including advertising, SEO services and more. We send ALL Associates special email offers, incentives, and one time offers to entice sales. When an Associate you refer makes a purchase YOU earn commission.

3. Make it your goal to learn something new each day from within your Member area.
Worldprofit’s training system allows you to earn as you learn. So spend time learning but be sure to do your promotions as often as you can to start generating sales for yourself and growing your business. There are many resources in your member area, you don’t have to learn them all at once.

4. If you need help ask. We are here 7 days a week to assist you. Submit a Support ticket located on the TOP MENU.

Questions asked and answered during this session.

How can I use this for my MLM?
I created my own header, can I use that on my webpage?
Blogs. Does the WordPress Blog allow plugins.
How do I put a link in a banner?
How do I put a blog page in front of my home page —My site looks a little busy
Is there a way of tracking the main page and would it be good to change every once in a while
I’m looking at this reminder system and wonder if there’s a way to add a spending/earning tracker of some kind. Would love to be able to note spending somehow and see it in a calendar view.
When you sign up for the FastTrack is it a one time payment or a monthly payment?
For the Diamond ULR Rotator, increase the cost…..people will purchase….
Where do I get the ebook rebrander?
I saw app logos when I log in mobile, but when clicked it says not yet in my country. Will there be a Worldprofit app in usa?
Regarding SEO Optimizer — do you have to make a purchase to get all the benefits — ie the classified ad blaster

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session. We encourage your questions and input so the training can be most meaningful and helpful.

The next LIVE training session with George Kosch is FRIDAY March 10th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.