Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch on August 8, 2014

All Worldprofit members were welcomed by Instructor, George Kosch to the LIVE home business bootcamp presented by Worldprofit.

See Video Here: http://worldprofit.ca/videos/home-business-bootcamp-with-george-kosch-on-august-8-2014/

After introductory remarks, George provided a brief overview of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program and directed NEW Members to the training section of the Member area.

George spent considerable time discussing details of promotion, the where, why and what that you need to do to promote ANY online business.

George Kosch emphasized that Worldprofit’s bootcamp teaches you the Worldprofit system for online marketing and the fact that skills taught can be applied to any and all your online programs or affiliates and so too can the advertising resources included in your membership.

If you want to promote just your own products and services, or do so in combination with marketing Worldprofit products and services, here are the sectons in your Member area to access:

The Worldprofit Landing Page Builder(included in your Worldprofit Silver AND Platinum VIP Membership).
Easily and QUICKLY create beautiful, professional landing pages (squeeze pages) without any design knowledge.
Offers are essential to generating sales and the landing pages allow you to integrate fabulous offers as incentives.

Worldprofit’s Ebook Creator (included in your Worldprofit Silver AND Platinum VIP Membership).
Ebooks are powerful lead generators. It’s easy to create eye-popping ebooks as giveawy incentives to generate leads.
You can pick ready made covers, images, and incorporate existing ready made content for an unlimited number of ebooks. No design knowledge required.
Just pick the one you want, change the title, add your name – save – that’s it.
Easy to follow instructions are in your Worldprofit Member area.

Advertising/Traffic Section (included in your Worldprofit Silver AND Platinum VIP Membership).
Spend some time in this section of your Member area its packed with ways to promote any business.


George provided a demonstration of Drop Box, a highly recommended program (free).

Today’s Theme: Suckerville

George provided an amusing but sadly realistic story about Suckerville. It’s a place found online. Many of you have been there. George explained that at Worldprofit we teach you about consistent hard work and what you need to do to build your own successful online business and why sometimes that makes us un-popular. People prefer to think there is a secret short cut to success, the perfect opportunity that requires no work. The gullible fall victim to the emails, the false promises and the do-nothing claims for instant riches. George gave the funny example of how in just 15 minutes of reading various spam emails, if you believed the bunk you would have made a million dollars just like that from buying one amazing product. George tackled why people fall prey to the instant riches ploys, what you need to know, and how to avoid them.


George thanked everyone for attending the LIVE training today. The recorded version will be posted to the training section of your Worldprofit member area within 24 hours. Final remarks were to remind everyone of Worldprofit 20th Birthday Specials. Check your email and the Message Center for details. You can save up to 50% off on the various offers and the longer you have been with Worldprofit the better the savings and bonuses! Monitors you get reserved ELITE pricing as well.

Thank you to our Members and friends all over the world for your loyalty – some of you have been with us since we started the company back in August 1994. Thank you for your loyalty, and to our new Members, thank you for picking Worldprofit, we look forward to helping you build your own successful business!