September 5th 2012 Home Business Bootcamp update..

You know that George Kosch? Well he likes to surprise you by adding really cool – and USEFUL freebies to incorporate even more value into what we offer.

He’s done that again now, by adding a plugin called “POP NOTIFY” to the PRE-BUILT BLOGS. This plugin pop up is a small, unobtrusive box on the bottom of any WordPress page or post. The box can say and link to anything you want. Now DO NOT purchase this but to see what we paid for and view a description of what this plugin does, see it here

If you have already bought a pre-built blog you get this POP NOTIFY plugin FREE! Just login to your Member area to access.
If you plan to purchase a Pre-Built Blog, go ahead and do so now and you also get the POP NOTIFY plugin free.

Now get this…..

George shared with me this morning, that he is planning to add more paid plugins to the Prebuilt Blogs – EVERY MONTH!
That’s right he is researching the plugins that will benefit you most, then buys the best ones, and makes them available to YOU at no extra cost. We do the research and put the best we can find in your hands. Good deal!

Remember we are all about long term business relations with our customers – we want to keep you – so we keep looking for ways to add more value to the services we offer at Worldprofit.

Now, if you missed the info on what a Pre-Built Blog is, here it is again…..

Worldprofit recently announced a new Pre-Built Blog Service. The feedback has been outstanding – thanks for letting us know how much you enjoy these.

These PRE-BUILT BLOGS SAVE you TIME in setting up your own blog, and have tremendous potential for income generation. Some of you who understand niche marketing and see the value of these have purchased more than one. SMART!

You pick the domain name for your blog, you pick the design theme, and we add all the content for you! It’s instant! George Kosch just added two more theme options today – you now have 15 choices! It’s a great way to expand your online properties and keyword content for hungry search engines.

Here are some examples so you can see for yourself.

For anyone new to online marketing or for those who aren’t tech-savvy, these pre-builts are your answer to having your own money-making blog. Everything is already done for you! You have to see these for yourself to understand why this is so awesome.

In a few words: traffic, listbuilding, no work, EASY and another source of potential income. Ok, that’s more than a few words – but these are awesome!

Rather then going into details, here is where you can find everything about this popular new service.

—> Within your Member area, on the top menu click on “PRE-BUILT Blogs.” There you will find a video that explains everything, answers your questions and shows you how to pick the domain name and design theme of your choice.

Hurry, this offer may end very soon. We are working around the clock to get all the blogs set up ASAP and in your hands. First ordered, first setup.