September is Monitor Appreciation Month and we’ve offered Cash Sales Bonuses in this tribute.

Monitors! George has now completed the code required to calculate the Monitor bonuses for sales you made during your shift in September.

In your member area on LEFT MENU under SALES AND COMMISSION, select COMMISSION REPORT.
On that main page you will see the tally of sales you made and commission earned.
On Oct 1, we will do carryovers and then you will see the total amount included on your September report for payout on the 15th.

CONGRATULATIONS to each of you who earned a BONUS! Well done!

Anthony Slate
Judy Daus
Lisa Martiniuk
Linda Elze
William Buck
Tania Vick
Johan Willems
Wallace Johnson
Garry Smith
Lance Sumner
Pam Sudo
Sharon Oshatz
James Stevens
Chris Ninnis
Mark Walen
Rev Annette Lacey
Graham Commander
Sharon Oshatz
Michael Harris
Patrice Porter
Howard Martell

—> If you aren’t a Monitor yet, consider becoming one. It’s the best way to learn – and get some terrific PERKS!

Contact Dr. Lant at drjlant
Or when you see him in the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER tell him you are interested in becoming a Monitor and he will send you instructions. Training is included.