Some very good questions just sent in from a person interested in our Silver membership

Here are the questions with answers below:

Hello George,

I am considering purchasing this traffic package but I have a few questions first. I see that you would put 50 people under me as a bonus, so I am wondering:

1 – How long does that usually take on average (will I be able to pay for next month’s silver package out of the commissions, making it essentially free)?

2 – Will these people also be at the silver level?

3 – What percentage of commission will I receive on each of these sales?

Thank you for your time.


1. We give you 30 days of the Silver membership at no cost.

2. The people are simply Associates in our free program. They might be fresh or several months old. We assign them randomly.

3. If someone upgrades you get 20% plus other volume bonuses.

This is all free with the ad package. We are just trying to get more people to "test drive" our Silver Membership with this offer.

Hope you decide to join us April.