Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 1 M I L L I O N A D Credits. Details within.

Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for 2014.

We will be paying tribute to Linda to celebrate her achievement in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center.
Just login to your Member area and you are there!

When: Saturday Jan 31st at 1 pm ET.
(If you are not sure what time that is where you are, do a search for a time zone converter on Google and then you will know).

Join us to meet Linda, to find out what she does to achieve her sales title, learn how she uses Worldprofit’s system to grow her successful online business and how she stays motivated after nearly 7 years as a Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member.

To every Worldprofit Dealer who has made sales this month….


You’ve been promoting and are getting results.

You’re on your way to earning consistent online income.

NOW, here’s what to do to get MORE sales and GROW your list.

1. Promote outside of Worldprofit.

b) Use the Promo Code Center which can be found on the top menu when you login to the Worldprofit member area.
There are lots of promo codes that you can use for more free visitors.

c) To get an easy, and I mean EASY 1 Million Ad Credits visit Traffic Codex and get signed up.
This is all free.
You can find the link to join under Advertising/Traffic – Top Traffic Exchanges.


If you can budget for PAID ads you have a couple of options.

a) FastTrack – we buy the ads in various trusted sites and deliver the leads direct to you. Cost is affordable at 29.95 to $89.95
It’s a lazy but effective way to advertise. George Kosch hand submits the ads for this co-op.
Find the info under ADVERTISING TRAFFIC then click on FASTTRACK VISITORS.

b) Worldprofit Leads. Worldprofit offers a limited supply of good quality leads.
On top menu select PROSPECTS and there you can see the details of where the leads come from and the cost.


c) Consider paid solo ads or Safe Swaps sites. $5 or so is certainly reasonable.
A list of recommended sites is under ADVERTISING/TRAFFFIC section of your member area.

2. Expand the NUMBER of places you promote.
Don’t post in one place and expect spectacular results. Find your favourite places to promote, do that, then set a goal everyday to find at least one more place to post.
Every notice that Wal-Mart advertises in LOTS and LOTS of places not just a few. You need to as well. YOU are the VP of Marketing for your OWN business. This means that you must be promoting all the time, finding new places to advertise, and places to expand your reach to target markets.

3. Use your Ad Tracker Tool like it’s oxygen for your business!
This tool is INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
Find it under ADVERTISING/TRAFFFIC section of your member area.
You need to know if the places you are posting are effective or not. Post your adds, then check your ad tracker daily. Use this intelligence to be a smart marketer making the best use of your time and resources.

Be sure to join our Facebook Group for daily tips and suggested places to run ads as recommended by other Dealers.

IBO Toolbox is a powerful targeted lead source – and free. At least one of our Dealers is making money converting leads from IBO into Silver Members.
IBO can be found on the top menu of the member area under 20+ Traffic Streams.

Finally, attend Home Business Bootcamp Training every single week with your personal coach and trainer George Kosch. (Or watch recording)

Here is the direct link which you can use every Friday at 8 AM Central Time: (be sure to bookmark this link and remember to LOGIN AS A GUEST)

See you at the training, eager, hungry to learn, with a pen and paper in hand.

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