Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 5 things Worldprofit’s Top Sellers do to get sales. You can do this too.

A big warm welcome to all our new Silver Members. Welcome aboard.

A: Here’s 5 things Worldprofit’s Top Sellers do to make sales. You can do this too.

1. Top Sellers follow the online bootcamp lessons, focusing on the first 8 lessons so they can master the fundamentals of online marketing.
If you haven’t started yet you will find the lessons in your member area, login, on the main page scroll down to see the Lessons, or look on the LEFT MENU under BOOTCAMP TRAINING.

2. Top Sellers work their business consistently, setting time aside to promote as often as they can.
They know that all the tools needed for promoting are included in Worldprofit’s Silver Membership.
They live and breathe by the fact that consistent promotion brings sales!

3. Top Sellers either attend the LIVE training offered EVERY Friday morning, OR, they watch the recorded version.
Not only do they listen and learn, they DO what Instructor George Kosch teaches to grow their own online business.

4. Top Sellers ask for help when they need it by submitting a Support Form.
They know that help, support and direction is available 7 days a week at Worldprofit.

5. Top Sellers take responsibility for their own success and have a NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

B: You know what else our Top Sellers know, that is critical to your own success?

They understand when promoting you never promote a sales page or a buy now order page.
They know that you only promote landing pages, or squeeze pages that offer something for free.
Why? So you can generate LEADS and build your email marketing list.
We include the landing pages for the free offers in your member area.

Some of you have been promoting the ONE YEAR Membership offer to Safelists. This is a mistake!
What you should be promoting to the Safelists are the landing pages that offer free traffic!
You are FAR MORE LIKELY to generate sales by enticing someone to inquire about our free traffic offers then you are to ask them to buy something right off the bat. Think about it. You, yourself, aren’t you more likely to respond to an ad when you are offered something for free, then when someone says BUY NOW? Making sales has a lot to do with building trust and growing relationships with people, it starts with an Associate and can convert to a sale/upgrade if you follow Worldprofit’s training. Once people sign up for our free Associate Membership they can learn all about Worldprofit and the various products and services we offer, then we can start to nurture what we hope is a long term business relationship.

Your # 1 focus should be to promote to generate Associate sign ups by promoting.
The more Associates you have the more potential customers you have. Simply tell people about Worldprofit, that’s all, follow the bootcamp training to know how. You are referring people to Worldprofit and earn commission for resulting sales.
When your Associates login they can see all that we offer, they are greeted by one of our fabulous Monitors.

This is all covered in the bootcamp online training lessons, go at your own pace. Master the skills. If you need help submit a Support ticket so we can assist. Plan to attend the LIVE interactive training on Fridays with George Kosch. Ask questions and see demonstrations on screen.

C: This week, Worldprofit announced the release of our latest site.
If you haven’t signed up for this free advertising site we hope you will do so today.

Get more Traffic – while earning Bitcoin!

Your Member Benefits Include:

– FREE lifetime access to our unique advertising system
– Ability to earn ad credits & win daily prizes for browsing ads
– Ability to create a personalized profile box with favorite links
– Ability to buy advertising with ad credits, cash or bitcoin
– Ability to upgrade your account for more benefits & features
– FREE bonus advertising.. just for joining Promo Code: wpspecial

Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside..

Sign up here:


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