Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George has something for our Worldprofit Safelist Owners!

George has something for Worldprofit Safelist Owners!

For those Members who’ve purchased their own Worldprofit Safelist Exchange, George has some exciting news for you!

This week he has been working on promo codes for you.

As you know, when you offer a promo code then people people get a deal for simply joining your Safelist, or as a bonus for any reason.
It’s up to you what you offer.
Promo codes are a great way to increase signups and upgrades.

Here’s another benefit of these promo codes.
Sites like will allow you to claim your site and enter a promo code at their site. That means more traffic for your Safelist Exchange.

George Kosch will be demonstrating this during Friday’s LIVE bootcamp training at 8 AM CT so everyone, and especially Safelist Exchange owners should attend, or watch the recorded version.


Have you done it yet?

Start the bootcamp training?

For all the new Silver members, make sure you start the BOOTCAMP TRAINING!
Following the training and DOING what we teach you, is your KEY to making money online.
If you haven’t already started, login to your Member area and on the TOP MENU click on TRAINING.
Follow the instruction for each lessson to progress to the next lesson.
If you need any help, just submit a SUPPORT TICKET. The link to do so is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT.



How many Associates have you signed up today?
How many posts have you done today?
How many clicks do you have on your AD TRACKER?


Welcome to our most recent Platinum VIP Members!

John Machuik
Alice Boyer
Lawrence Taffaro
Stan Fuller
Steve Lavely
Kent Wise
Jerome Thomas
Terrance Duncan
Marika Rika
Joseph Barnard
Jim Reyna

Congratulations for snapping up the March Offer to get $900 in services AND increase your commission rate!

–> Silver members! If you are reading this and want the details on the Platinum VIP offer, submit a Support form and
say " Sandi likes candy but I WANT TO UPGRADE to VIP! Send me the offer!)


We’ve added new money making products to the Money Makers Promo Kit.

Tube SEO Ranker
LOL Solos

That brings the TOTAL number of products in the Money Makers Promo Kit to 56.
That’s 56 products you can promote to keep ALL of the commission to yourself!

Find these products by looking on the LEFT MENU for the MONEY MAKERS section then click on MONDAY MAKERS PROMO KIT.

BEFORE you start promoting these products we recommend you watch the short SCREENCAST that George recorded for you.
Find it near the top of the page within the Money Makers Promo Kit section.


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