Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: It’s OVER!

It’s OVER!


Summer that is.

Fall is here and that means people are getting back to business.

Sales are brisk.

Commission payouts are growing.

Some of you achieved personal bests and will see this extra income on your Sept 15 payout.

PLUS – the following Monitors have earned CASH bonuses for closing sales for Members of our Home Business Community in the month of September. Well done folks!

Anthony Slate
Lisa Martiniuk
Linda Elze
William Buck
Tania Vick
Johan Willems
Garry Smith
Pam Sudo

September is Monitor Appreciation Month

Attention Monitors!

We think you are tremendous! You are committing your own valuable time to volunteer as a Monitor.

You are learning about online marketing while growing your own business.

You are helping others by closing SALES referrals for members of Worldprofit’s community.

You get to learn and work alongside a marketing great – Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

We’ve noticed your commitment. We appreciate your commitment!

For the ENTIRE month of September, on top of the perks you already receive, Monitors who close sales during their booked shift earn $5 commission per sale.

The bonus commission will be ADDED to your monthly earned commission.
Reminder! It is VERY important that you continue to do as you have been doing by booking your time slots and taking over the shift when you start.

IMPORTANT! If you don’t do this, your sales won’t be calculated correctly meaning you won’t get credit for sales you make.

If you haven’t booked your shifts do it now, or miss out on this chance to ADD extra cash to your bottom line.
George is writing the code now so the bonus will soon show up on your September Commission Report.

If you aren’t a Monitor yet, consider becoming one.

Contact Dr. Lant at drjlant
Or when you see him in the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER tell him you are interested in becoming a Monitor and he will send you instructions.
Training is included. This is voluntary.