Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Rosalie! Herman! Alice! And 17 others. Way to go!!!!!

It’s only the 9th day of April and look at these go-getters on the TOP 20 Sellers List!

That means money in your pocket and a great start to your month. Well done!

1. Linda Elze
2. Howard Martell
3. Rosalie Jarotski
4. Wallace Johnson
5. Herman Hartman
6. Roy Takata
7. Alice Boyer
8. Allan Sylvia
9. Christina Gorset
10. Darren Sharp
11. Garreth Kelly
12. Garrett L Hutsko
13. Henry Mahlknecht
14. Jay Justice
15. Knut Petter Nor
16. Lance Sumner
18. Leo Laurent
19. Leo Watson
20. Les Dunn

The key to making money?

Consistent Promotion.

When’s the best time to promote?


What do you promote?

It’s all in the bootcamp training. Landing pages, ad resources, recommended sites.

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In your member area on TOP MENU select Training.
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