Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: So I promote and you close my sales? Wh-aaat?

"So are you telling me all I have to do is promote and the Monitors close my sales for me?"

That’s the unbelieving question received from a new member today. She couldn’t believe it. She was in shock!

Yes, is the answer.

It’s true.

Your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership includes landing pages, ad swipes, and more that you can use to promote.
You can promote to the places we recommend or use your own sources. It’s up to you.
Don’t want to use our landing pages, build your own with the Landing page builder software – yes we also include that at no cost.
When Associates you refer from your promotions, login to their Worldprofit Member area, they are greeted by our Monitors.
The Monitors try to communicate with your Associates, and make them an offer to upgrade so they can join Worldprofit’s home business community.
Then they can get started benefiting from our program and YOU get a commission for the sales referral!

It’s that simple.

The secret power of Worldprofit’s system?

Our Monitors.

No other company offers you this kind of specialized 24 hour sales closing assistance.

Worldprofit’s Monitors are available 24 hours a day. Waiting to make sales for you.

So why aren’t you promoting?

If you don’t promote our Monitors can’t close sales for you.

Not sure what, how or where to promote?

George Kosch has outlined everything you need in the bootcamp training lessons.
Login to your member area and dig into the training. Give yourself some time to learn and master the basics.

This is a REAL business folks. You won’t learn it overnight. Take the time YOU deserve to learn so you can GROW your online profits.
YOU are worth it! YOU can do this!
People all over the world are making consistent online income by doing one thing – doing George Kosch’s bootcamp training program.

Use the skills and resources we include in your membership to promote ANY and ALL of your other businesses too.
We’ve got something for everyone who is serious about earning online.

Training (Video AND LIVE training EVERY Friday morning).
HELP 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.
List Building Resources.
Ebook Creators. Make your own or rebrand it! Easy.
Offer Tools
Graphics Software.
REAL Advertising sources.
SEO tools.
Social Media.
Prospect management
Call tools
Newsletter and so much more.

It’s all at your fingertips in your Member area.

Get busy. Do the work get the results.

Need help? ASK! Just submit a Support form. We are here to HELP YOU! Use us! Please.

We’ve been receiving Tech Support inquiries from members wanting to know how to get the best traffic and not get burned by "Crap Traffic" (Pardon the expression but that’s what it is and this deserves your attention.)

Watch this revealing video. George Kosch provides an analysis of CRAP TRAFFIC. He revealed how to NOT get taken in by this kind of traffic. He shared Why THOUSANDS of Clicks on your Ad Tracker can mean NOTHING. How to avoid Robotic Traffic. Don’t get taken in, George tells you how. When you rely only on free traffic sources you can’t target specific countries, you will get some good some not good leads. If you want the highest quality traffic from specific countries then paid advertising is your best option. George shared his recommendations for good low cost paid ad sources. This element of the training is very important, we see too many people waste time and money on garbage traffic. Follow the training and George’s advise to avoid this, and put your time and energy into quality traffic to get the results you want to grow your business

George recorded this video in November last year but what he says here still applies today.

Watch this:

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