Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: The following people are…. this is UNREAL!

The following people are….. AMAZING!

These people have VOLUNTEERED their time as Monitors to help YOU and ALL members of Worldprofit’s Home Business community.

Our Monitors man Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center 24 HOURS a DAY.
They greet the people you refer.
They make them an offer and try to convert a free member to a paid member.

When they do YOU get the commission.

This is an incredible one-of-a kind system offered only by Worldprofit and possible only due to the commitment of Dr. Lant and his elite team of superstar Monitors.

When you see these people on screen, working for you, please send them a THANK YOU message!

They don’t have to do what they do.
They do it to help you.
They do it to learn about online marketing from none other than the MASTER of marketing, Dr. Lant.

Top Monitors by Hours Volunteered (Last 30 days ONLY)

Anthony Slate (77 hours)
William Buck (41 hours)
Michael Harris (36 hours)
Tania Vick (33 hours)
Roy Takata (32 hours)
Lucie Woods (30 hours)
Mark Walen (27 hours)
Garry Smith (26 hours)
Vijian Narayanasamy (25 hours)
Peter Junker (23 hours)
Howard Martell (22 hours)
Pam Sudo (21 hours)
Sharon Oshatz (16 hours)
Johan Willems (16 hours)
Lisa Martiniuk (14 hours)
Italia or Linda Elze (12 hours)
Desiree Jordan (12 hours)
Vaurn James (11 hours)
Lance Sumner (11 hours)
Stan Davis (10 hours)

And we have MORE Monitors all working for you, this is just a partial list. You are all AWESOME!

Our Monitors are Worldprofit celebrities!

Worldprofit earn the reputation as the # 1 choice for online home business training and you are part of that!

When you have this kind of LIVE help for sales, coupled with the LIVE training every Friday, and the online bootcamp training course, there is simply no reason why you cannot earn money online.