Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch 17 October 2014 – Run your Worldprofit business from your phone!

George Kosch, your personal bootcamp instructor started the LIVE training promptly with a warm welcome to all participants.

Training Topics Covered in this session

Bootcamp Lessons

Traffic Streams

Multiple Streams of Income

Lead Generation

Live Business Center

Skills and Member resources applicable to ANY online busness

The process for building an online business, step by step. Learn as you earn, go at your own pace.

Worldprofit’s system works for newbies, intemediate level marketers and experienced marketers.

Worldprofit’s one-stop Member area for all things related to Internet Marketing.

Featured Worldprofit Services

Prospect Manager Software (included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)

Message Center (look for it at the TOP of your member area to stay up to date on most recent announcements)

Bootcamp Lesson Summary (See a Summary of ALL 100+ bootcamp lessons, move forward or backward)

Worldprofit Facebook Group (Join, connect)


New Lead Program (Optional service: Order 25 or 50. Limited Supply to maintain quality)

Link Manager (Easily organize all your affiliates and program’s in one place) Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)

Landing Pages (premade) pr easily build your own with the Landing Page Builder (included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)

Sites/Resources referenced

Google Chrome

What’s coming in next few weeks!

-Mobile App
-Live Chat App for Mobile Users
-Run your Worldprofit business from your phone
-Enhancements to Dealer Notifications
-More PUSH BUTTON options for Prospect Manager software

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session today. This training is for you. By attending we can answer your questions, show demonstrations on screen and gear the training to your needs. You also learn about how to best use the tools, resources and aids in your member area so you can build any online business.

The recording of the OCT 17th session will be posted within 24 hours.

Next LIVE training session is Friday Oct 24, 2014. We hope to see you there so we can get YOU on track for making consistent online income. Bring your questions and requests for demonstrations or training topics.

A few comments from the training:

Anna: I so appreciate the creativity in this new family I am in, now. This is brilliant – thank you, Sandi!

howiel: great

howie: bringing in ton of associates

Anna: This will be perfect for promoting from the beach with my tablet!

Linda: sooo awesome

Garrett: will there be a promo with the app

Sharon: Where is the app

howie: gotta love the gizmos

Charles: Thanks.

Sadie: Will you be training us how to use advance techno?

Garrett: I watch my ad tracker using my tablet

Anna: I promote on my back porch in the rocking chair on my tablet.

Anna: This really is a lot of fun!

Tania: need to go. Thank you so much Sandi & George. You gave me the best in my 6 years here.

Charles: How often should a dealer send to their associates?

Sharon: Thank you!

Linda: Awesome as usual…so excited

Pam: Thanks George my head is spinning

Rosalie: Thank you for another good session.

Chris: always one step ahead

Jane: this is great yes we are embarking on the new generation