Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Workshop with George Kosch for 27 March 2015

How much is it worth to you to not WASTE your hard-earned money on BOGUS FAKE TRAFFIC!

The Advanced Segment covered in this training could SAVE you potentially thousands of dollars, time and hair-pulling frustration!
George Kosch reveals insider technical information about fake lead and traffic sources that will blow your mind.
A link to the recorded session is below – watch it – then watch it AGAIN!

But to start with, for the benefit of NEW Worldprofit Members, and as a refresher for long term Members, George Kosch provided an overview of exactly how Worldprofit helps you earn online and grow your own online business.

Specific discussion and demonstration topics;

-Worldprofit’s Free Associate Membership program
-Provided landing pages, and lead generation tools
-Recommended Traffic sources
-Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, operational 24 hours a day.
-The Monitor Program – how our Monitors help close your sales referrals
-How Dr. Lant helps close your sales referrals converting lookers into buyers
-How Worldprofit’s system tracks Associates and the referring Dealer
-Automated Worldprofit systems in place behind the scenes working for you when you don’t even know it.
-Worldprofit’s Associate Newsletter – how it works for you to get your Associates to log in
-Worldprofit’s Support and Help Team – available 7 days a week to assist all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
-How you use Worldprofit’s system to consistently generate leads and sales now and for the long term.

Advanced Training Topic for more experienced marketers and Monitors

Bots. Fake Traffic. Leads, Paid Sign ups and Traffic Scams

George provided a demonstration of the hidden complex process that happens when an Associate logs in to his or her Worldprofit Member area.
This segment may seem like Techno babble for some newbies, but it’s eye-opening critical details for the more advanced marketers, especially for Monitors.
It’s worth listening to this carefully as George reveals how to identify fake traffic, bot traffic, disreputable sources of leads and traffic.
George provided an explanation of a bot and how bots generate fake traffic.
What to watch for so you don’t waste your money on fake traffic.
Harvested traffic, beware. "Facebook Likes" beware, don’t get suckered. The same for "BUYING" Twitter followers.
Paid sign ups? Run!
The bottom line is this. To be a smart marketer, and avoid scammers getting their hands on your hard earned money, you must use your brain. Look for trends, look for cost, look for speed of sign ups, identical IP’s.
When you get a sale, take note of where that came from! What was the source?
What George Kosch revealed in this segment EASILY made the cost of your membership well worth it! Getting this detailed insider technical information, provided to you by a marketer AND an accomplished programmer with 20 years of experience in this business, WILL save you a lot of money, time and frustration.

Summary Remarks:

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.