Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member, anthony bradley

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member, anthony bradley.

anthony, welcome to our home business training program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Johan Willems. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Profits

Are you a Stinky Fish or a Beautiful Flower?

Have you ever had something go rotten in your fridge? Fish is the worst! Ever notice that no one wants to go near the stinking offender! Someone eventually holds their nose, picks it up with 2 fingers, holds it far out then hastily closes it up in the trash. They want to get as far away from that stinking fish as they can!

Have you ever known some people like that? There seems to be something rotten about their attitude No one wants to go near them because they are offensive, rude, hostile or just plain unpleasant to be with. These people give off negative vibes, you don’t feel good being around them and you don’t want to be. They are a stinky fish.

Now think about the people in your life that you like to be around. Notice that they are often cheerful, friendly, upbeat and you feel good being around them. They have an attitude and energy that is positive. People are attracted to them. People lean into listen to someone that they feel good about. It’s similar to leaning in to smell a beautiful flower, you anticipate good things. I never see anyone leaning in towards the rotten fish. Most of us would prefer to surround ourselves with beautiful flowers not dead fish.

I have used this very strong analogy so you can think about how you interact with others. If you are trying to build an online home business and your attitude is negative you will have a hard time attracting prospects and making sales. Even in a home business you still communicate with people by email and by phone and your attitude always pokes through. If your attitude stinks so too will your sales.

Now go out today and be a beautiful flower. 😉