Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member, John Covault

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member, John Covault.

John, welcome to our home business training program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Tania Vick. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Profits

Why You Should Consider Being a Worldprofit Monitor

A Valuable Tip from Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

One of the greatest myths online is the one that claims you can profit through email alone, without ever having to work and communicate with your prospects. I’m here to tell you that is dead wrong.

If you want to make sales and the profits that come with them you need to learn how to work with people.

This is precisely what our unique Monitor program accomplishes. The better a Monitor you are, the richer you get, because you can finally CLOSE business consistently. This is a HUGE benefit, with lifelong pay-off.

Here are other substantial benefits you get from being a Monitor:

1) You are personally trained by me. I am a self-made multi-millionaire. My consulting fees are very high (and worth every penny). Without charge, I supervise your training and participate directly in it, thereby ensuring your access to the best sales and marketing training on earth. Because of this training, you will literally see yourself grow and prosper.

2) You will protect your online interests. As a Monitor you are expected to serve 2-3 hours per week. In return, you get 24 hour coverage by the other Monitors. If there were no Monitor network, you would have to provide your own 24/7 coverage, or go without as most people do. This way you benefit from the work of other Monitors, while they in turn benefit from yours. Remember, too, being a Monitor gives you enhanced stature and credibility; invite your Associates to log in while you’re monitoring. Seeing you live, it’s easy to establish your credibility and make the sale!

3) Every single Associate you direct to the Live Business Center gets direct, personal, immediate assistance 24/7. This means money in your pocket, day after day because there are trained Monitors there to close your business for you without EVER charging you a penny.

4) You get at least 100 newsletter subscribers for EVERY sale you make. Grow your list on us… and bring whatever offers you want to their attentionnn. What’s more, the sales skills you learn are transferable to any other business, online or off.

5) You may claim EVERY Associate who enters the LBC during your Monitor shift without a sponsor. This will amount to hundreds of free Associates during the year! You can get still MORE Associates if you cover an unfilled hour.

6) You may also get Dealers who have no sponsor.

7) You give back to the Worldprofit Community that supports you. Without question, the Monitors are the most giving and responsible people at Worldprofit. As such they achieve a level of respect and admiration which cannot be achieved by those who do not serve the Community. Selfishness doesn’t pay; being a responsible citizen does.

8) You have fun. As a Monitor you make friendships and personal relationships that last a lifetime.

9) You train Junior Monitors. Every Senior Monitor is also a Senior Trainer, helping shape Junior Monitors into sales champs and, in their time, seasoned trainers, too. You can and should encourage ALL your dealers to become Monitors, and as their Monitor Mentor help train them.

10) You enhance your presentation skills. Most people are poor presenters. Thanks to your Monitor training and service your presentation skills will greatly improve… day by day!

Another BIG reason: As soon as you become a Junior Monitor in training, we GIVE you the Guest Chat software. This sophisticated software enables you to talk LIVE to every single visitor to your website 24/7. You keep this valuable software so long as you remain an active Monitor.


Become a Worldprofit Monitor and we automatically exposure your banners from the Banner Promo kit over 10,000 times a month!! All automatic, you do nothing.

Banners are to sign people up for the following:
-Clickbank products at random
-Worldprofit Associate Signups

Here’s what you need to do to become a Worldprofit Monitor:

Get your webcam and headset and then call me, Dr. Lant, at 617 547 6372 or conference with me in the Live Business Center or mailto:drjlant

Make sure you have the name of your sponsor ready when you call.

Don’t wait. From the moment you begin your training, you develop skills you will use for a lifetime and reap lifetime profits from.

Join us today and become one of the Masters of the Internet.