Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member, Lindsay Bonne

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member, Lindsay Bonne.

Lindsay, welcome to our home business training program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Lisa Martiniuk. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Profits

Critical Tasks You Need to DO as a New Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Member

New to Worldprofit? These are the CRITICAL Tasks we suggest you do now to get off to a good start.

1. Once you’ve received confirmation that your Silver or Platinum Package is set up, start the Bootcamp Training.
Login to your Dealer Member area and scroll down below the Live Business Center where you see the Monitors talking. There you will see your tasks to start the Bootcamp Training. (There is also a link to the Bootcamp Training on the left hand menu of the member area). Completing the steps of the Bootcamp are critical because you will be able to activate your 50,000 Visitors, access your prospects and subscribers and learn how to use the tools, software, landing pages and other resources included in your package.

2. Be prepared to spend some time learning. In your Member area, click on the links on the left hand menu so you see all the tools and resources available to you. Know what it is we offer and how you make money in our program by reading the resources there for you. Review the Commission Table, read the Questions and Answers, see what the services are that Worldprofit offers and how YOU benefit. Pay attention to ALL the ways you can make money using the Worldprofit System.

3. Click on the link in the Member area that says "CLICKBANK STORE". You can promote ALL of the products that ClickBank offers to earn 100% commission and we include for you the CLICKBANK PROMO KIT so it is EASY for you to do this. Selling ClickBank products is another source of income for you. Check out the MONEY MAKERS section too, to see how to earn money with those products – you also get 100% of the commission for sales of those items.

4. Attend Bootcamp Training! Each Friday George Kosch offers LIVE online training via webcast. It’s free for you to attend and you can ask questions and learn direct from George how to use the Worldprofit system. There is no excuse for missing this training – it is CRITICAL to your understanding of how to use our sytem to profit online. If you can’t attend the live training it is recorded so you can watch later. People who don’t watch the training don’t make money. We want you to succeed with our system PLEASE PLEASE take advantage of the training!

5. Use the Worldprofit Support System. We are here to help you. We want you to succeed. We want you to use the tools and services in your package. If you have questions about how to use your Worldprofit services, about commissions, how to market your site, etc, complete a Support form linked on the left hand menu in your Member area and we will assist you.

Being successful at anything in life including building a successful online business means taking action, working hard and persevering. We offer you the tools, resources, training and support to build your business but you have to be realistic, make a consistent honest effort and have a good attitude.