Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member, Muhammad Khan

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member, Muhammad Khan.

Muhammad, welcome to our home business training program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Sharon Oshatz. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Profits

George’s Homework Assignment.

George advises new Members to write down 3 goals for EACH day.

1 – The number of Associates to recruit every day.
10 – The number of posts you are going to do every day
200 – The minimum number of clicks you need to see in your Ad Tracker every day

Focus your energy and your time on those 3 numbers.
As you gain experience, increase your numbers.
The best use of your time is from promotion. Promotion generates leads. Leads are what you need to make sales.

George emphasizes the harsh outcome of not understanding the basics.

"If you don’t learn and do the basics, you have a 100% chance of failing in this course, and 100% failure rate for making money online – in ANY online program."

At Worldprofit we teach you how to promote so you can build a LIFETIME online business.
Once you’ve mastered the skills of promotion, you have a valuable skill that you can apply to any online business.
Sadly, most people never fully understand the importance of promotion and list building,

We’re serious about helping you build your online business so we encourage you to treat your online business seriously too! Consider it a job, not a hobby. Realize that it will take you time, and a lot of work to build your online business. No business online or off, generates income without consistent effort. Forget all the hype you have heard about overnight riches, honestly you know that’s a lot of bunk. What you don’t know if you are a new online marketers, is just how much promotion is required to generate profits. Don’t expect to dabble and get big results. The more time you invest in learning and actually promoting the greater your return. Online marketing is not something you learn overnight.

Follow the online bootcamp lesson plans to stay on track. Attend the LIVE interactive weekly training (or watch the recording.) If you need help, submit a Support form, we are here 7 days a week to help you.