Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member, Richard Viers

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member, Richard Viers.

Richard, welcome to our home business training program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Jessica Elwood. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Profits

Self Quiz: Take this brief quiz to test if you are doing what you should be doing to succeed at Worldprofit

Self Quiz

Take this self quiz to make sure you are on track and doing the critical tasks required to succeed in Worldprofit’s Home Business Program. It will take you about 5 minutes.

1. Have you joined the Safelists and Traffic Exchanges in your Member area?
If not, on the left menu in your Member area, click on ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then Safelists and Exchanges to get started.
This is very important.

2. Are you promoting the Landing pages ONLY and NOT your home page (website)?
Do NOT promote your website, use the Landing Pages to capture leads.
Find the Landing pages in your Member area, on left menu, select Advertising/Traffic then Landing Pages.

3. Are you promoting the Landing Pages every day (or as often as permitted) to the list of Safelist and Ad Exchanges we list in Member area?
If not, on the left menu in your Member area, click on ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then Safelists and Exchanges to get started.
CONSISTENT promotion is the key.

4. Do you have a minimum of 200 Clicks per day showing on your Ad Tracker?
To see a conversion to sales, you need a minimum of 200 clicks per day to your ads.
Not everyone will upgrade from a free Associate Membership to a Silver Membership. This is why you must have a steady supply of free Associate Members derived from your promotion efforts.
The more Associates you bring in from reputable sources the better! When they login, the Monitors and Dr. Lant make your Associates an offer. If you don’t bring in Associates you have no one to be converted to a sale.
After you have completed a promotion, check your Ad Tracker stats, by clicking on AdTracker in your member area on Top Menu.
NOTE: You do not receive commission for signing up free Associate members.

5. Are you buying traffic or leads from sources not on our list of recommended places to promote?
We list trusted advertising sources and offer you reputable lead sources and ad co-ops within your Member area.
Start with our list of trusted sources so you get quality leads. In your Member area, click on ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then Top Safelists and Exchanges to get started.

6. Are you following the steps of the online bootcamp training?
If not, login, on the main page, directly below the Live Business Center, you will see the tasks you need to complete for each level.

7. Are you attending either the LIVE training on Friday’s with George or watching the recorded version?
If not check the schedule for the next live event, access the recorded training from TOP Menu click on TRAINING.
You won’t succeed if you don’t watch the training then APPLY on a consistent basis the steps that George teaches.

Additional Help
Are you determined to succeed? Ready to work the program consistently?
Do this:
a) Spend time in the Live Business Center watching and learning from Dr. Lant and the Monitors so you understand the system.
b) Consider being a Monitor. It’s your opportunity to learn from marketing expert Dr. Lant. Monitors get lots of perks and are often on our Top Sellers list.
c) Take advantage of all the training tools, and videos in your member area. Look on Top Menu under TRAINING.

Last words: Be patient. It takes time to build ANY business. You are learning new skills, this takes time and practice.
Did you know that Worldprofit’s Top Sellers have access to the EXACT same tools in their Member are as you do?
The only difference is YOU and your level of understanding and commitment to your own success.