Worldprofit Senior Monitor Update. Congrats to…

Congratulations to Ron Lentz and Emil Basista!

You’ve been upgraded to SR Monitor status with full privileges.

Both Ron and Emil are not newbies, they’s been a valued part of Worldprofit’s home business community for many years.
Thank you both for stepping up into the Money Seat!
You’ve taken an important step to learning, helping others and in driving the growth of your successful online business.

We welcome 3 new Jr. Monitors into the training program.

David Verney (from West Midlands, UK)

Lee Shaw (from Arizona, USA)

Mohamed Alyafey (from Qatar)

Thank you to everyone who is assisting in training our new folks.

We have the most incredible team of people in our Monitors!

There are a few gaps in the schedule, if you can pick up a few shifts it would be appreciated.

We will have a Monitor Meeting on Saturday April 16th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET. Hope to see you there.

Enjoy your day.